Regarding Natural gas expansion project for Rt. 45 S of Rt 224 to Berlin Station Rd and Diehl Lake: Project moving along. If anyone that is interested and has not applied,  see the packet below for info and application. Here is the correspondence from Utility pipeline/Knox Energy: 

OK so here we go,   This project looks promising on our end.   Our target area is to include :


From our existing line at the corner of St Rt. 224 and S Salem Warren Rd extending South to Berlin Station Rd (past Diehl Lake)

Going West on Berlin Station Rd to get Diehl Lake Dr., East Diehl Lake Dr., Center Dr. and W Lake Dr.

Going East on Berlin Station Rd to house #10391 and South to Rolling Hills Drive

We will also work on getting into Kiwatani Trail and Campfire Circle if enough interest emerges.


The community needs to be prepared to receive an Invoice for $1375 plus the $25 Knox Co-Op fee.  ($1400.)


We had 55 residents send in surveys and or applications.  25 of them also sent in $25 dollar membership fee to Knox.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT EVERYONE PARTICIPATES AT THIS COST OR WE CANNOT DO THIS PROJECT AT THESE NUMBERS.


We will be mailing Invoices once our Engineers obtain a few more permits that we have applied for and received verbal approval.

Ellsworth Township, Ohio