Ellsworth Township Crime Reports:
Monthly reports that also can be found on Facebook, Western Mahoning County Crime Reporter

There were only three reports that needed follow up investigations from Sheriff's detectives during January 2018 and late December 2017 as reported by The Sheriff's Dept:

1. "Got a call about a dispute between a couple while driving. The vehicle was stopped at SR45 and Berlin Station Rd. It was determined that it was just a domestic dispute and that no violence or threats were involved.

2. 8700 Block of S. Salem Warren Rd for a domestic dispute. Argument between girlfriend and boyfriend. No violence or threats involved so no arrest was made.

3. 4000 Block of S. Bailey Rd for misuse of a credit card report. Six unauthorized transactions were made on victims card out of New Jersey. Money refunded.

On December 29th our deputy got a call about a reckless driver. They were found at Country Pantry and one of them fled on us. Deputies pursued and caught them. They were both in this country illegally and arrested for Obstructing Official Business and open container of alcohol. Both were taken to the county jail. Thanks to North Jackson and Milton Township's PD for their assistance in this manhunt."

No serious crime was reported during February 2018 in Ellsworth Township. 
The following is an update about a stolen property fencing operation in Ellsworth that was raided by the Mahoning County Sheriffs Dept. within the last year.
"The owners of Destiny Farms worked out a plea deal with the Mahoning County Prosecutors Office and plead to charges for the stolen property located on their property. A lot of the property was never claimed and ownership could not be confirmed by serial numbers or by any theft/burglary victims coming forward to identify, so the property could not be proven stolen. Investigations from other counties regarding some of the property resulting from the original search warrant may still be under investigation by those entities."

Our Sheriff's Department provides this helpful tip to residents:

"Keep serial numbers listed somewhere in reference to all your items. If a burglary or theft happens for example to a very common item such Dewalt tools, and the victim cannot give us a serial number, it makes it virtually impossible to prove the item was theirs. Also helpful would be some kind of engravings on the stolen items that we would be made aware of at the time of the initial offense."

Ellsworth Township, Ohio